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United Kingdom 2001-2002

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Sights of London

Lake at Hampstead Heath

Old armour at an antique shop in Notting Hill

Claire, Joelie, Marta and Kylie by the Thames.

Nice view of the Houses of Parliament by the Thames

Richard the Lionheart in front of Westminster Abbey

Many thanks to Kylie Toshach for her superb photography skills.

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge.

Statue of Oliver Cromwell "The Lord Protector" at the Houses of Parliament. Cromwell was head of state during Britain's only period of Republicanism.

Duke of Wellington

The Queen Victoria Memorial with Buckingham Palace in the background.

Horse traffic crossing!

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

The Tower Bridge at dusk.

Marta and a statue thought to be of the roman emperor Trajan. A fragment of the old London wall is behind me. The bottom part (with red layers) was built by the Romans and the top part is medieval.

The Mighty Achilles, Hyde Park.

The Christmas lights down Oxford Street, Central London.

Photo taken of a bridge whilst on the train (Brighton to London).

Tower of London

In front of the Tower.

The White Tower is the oldest part of the Tower of London with the Chapel of St John (shown above) dating from 1080.

Ceremonial swords

The Royal Armouries in the White Tower: Various pieces of armour belonging to King Henry VIII.

King Henry VIII's very impressive suit of armour.

A page from "The History of the World" by Sir Walter Ralegh, published in the 16th century. Note the final 2 lines:

"Time's witness, herald of antiquity
The light of truth, and life of memory".

This is Ralegh's rather poetic (but beautiful) definition of history.

More from the Royal Armoury, for both horse and rider.

Weapons from the Armoury

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