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Krakow | Dabrowa Tarnowska | Tarnow | Nowy Sacz | Kamianna Ski Fields | Warszawa


Statue in a Park in Tarnow

Symbolic statue (Poland breaking free from Stalin), Tarnow

At my Uncle Wacek's house in Tarnów: Wacek, My cousin Agnieszka and one of her twin sons Milosz (the other is Szymon)

Agnieszka, Szymon, Milosz, Wacek

Twins and Marta

Snow storm outside

Our first work of snow-art.


Nowy Sacz

Town of my birth: founded 1292.

Zolcinski family and us

At a Polish-Italian Wedding, Nowy Sacz.

Kammianna Ski Fields, Southern Poland.

An interesting beehive at the Kammianna ski fields (they also have a Honey business there!)



Travel one horse open sleigh style.

Mark and Pawel

Putting on snowchains

Mark, Marta and Pawel at the Kamianna ski fields.



Snow covered statue at the Palace on the Water, Warsaw

Photos from a party we went to with friends Ola and Basia

Mark, Marta, Marcin


Basia, Ola, ?, Marta