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Poland: 11th Dec 2001 - 14th Jan 2002

Krakow | Dabrowa Tarnowska | Tarnow | Nowy Sacz | Kamianna Ski Fields | Warszawa

View from the train on the way to Warszawa

A popular polish beer: Zywiec

The Salt Mine in Wieliczka (20km away from Krakow)


Statue of the poet Mickiewicz in front of the Sukkiennice (cloth hall), Krakow main market square.

Florian Gate, Krakow

Katyn memorial, remembering Polish soldiers murdered by the russians, WWII.

The Wawel Castle. A must-see in Krakow.

Path up to Wawel Castle with Statue of Kosciuszko.

Main entrance to the Wawel Cathedral with the big 'K' for Kazimierz the Great.

Bones of the ancients: Mammoth bone, whale rib and rhino bone.

Oldest bell in Poland: The bell tower of Wawel Cathedral

The view of Krakow from the Wawel Cathedral bell tower

Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Courtyard

Wawel Towers

A winter sunset on the Wawel Hill.

Dabrowa Tarnowska

Mark, my grandma (babcia) and Marta

My grandma's house.

My grandma's dogs: Kora & Czarek

My grandma and I

Family in Dabrowa Tarnowska

Taking a walk around the fields of Dabrowa Tarnowska

Sledding in Dabrowa with my cousin

Mark speeding down the slope.