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Berlin -Checkpoint Charlie

The Wall was erected October 1961, after a dispute over the Western Allies' right to move freely through the city, that almost led to another war. Checkpoint Charlie, the main border crossing for foreigners in and out of East Germany, got its name from the military alphabet (The Alpha and Bravo Checkpoints were on the outskirts of Berlin).

Checkpoint Charlie was removed on June 22, 1990. The former Allied guardhouses are now located in the Allied Museum. A copy of the American guardhouse was errected on the original place on August 13, 2000. The East German watch tower at Checkpoint Charlie was demolished by the property owner Checkpoint Charlie Service Company on December 9, 2000.

The House at Checkpoint Charlie is a museum about the history of the Berlin Wall and the dangerous attempts to cross it.

From the view of our photo we would have been in East Berlin looking out to West Berlin with its portrait of one of the American soldiers of the year.
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