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Berlin -The Reichstag

This neo-Renaissance building was built in 1894 and was home to the German parliament until 1933, when Hitler came into power. Soon after, a fire destroyed the building. The Nazi's took this opportunity to place the blame on the Communists and used it as an excuse to ban the Communist party.

In 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the re-unification of Germany the parliament moved back from Bonn to the newly renovated Reichstag. The new glass dome designed by Sir Norman Foster is a symbol of the "transparency" of government. Visitors are able to walk along the various levels of the dome and look down on the parliament below (we noted that one wouldn't actually be able to hear anything however!). The famous inscription above the front pillars is "Dem Deutschen Volke": "To the German People".

It is also worth visiting the Reichstag for the fabulous views of the city.
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